Meet our Flex IT Service

Are you looking for robust and flexible IT service? Well, we have good news for you - by choosing Flex IT from HISNET Solutions you will get great benefits such as flexibility, stability, quality support and speedy response time for your requests.

Choose, Sign Up and Use

At HISNET we understand that for many organisations it is important to control their IT budget and get flexibility. We aim to offer you a reliable service that suits your requirements. It has never been easier to choose one of our available packages and sign up for Flex IT service. Get in touch with our sales team and they will set you up in 10 minutes.

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3 Hours

£69 + VAT per hour

1 Month

5 Hours

£66 + VAT per hour

2 Months

10 Hours

£63 + VAT per hour

4 Months

15 Hours

£60 + VAT per hour

6 Months

20 Hours

£55 + VAT per hour

12 Months

Customize your Flex IT

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